About EmbodiYoga

EmbodiYoga™ is an intimate yogic inquiry of the many layers of our form and of the many pathways available for the development of our awareness.

Shedding new light on the inner workings of yoga, EmbodiYoga offers an engaged exploration of the transformative and creative potential of Hatha yoga by opening ever deeper layers of consciousness in every cell, tissue, and system of the body.

This way of working empowers one to move beyond a formulaic approach to performing asana to perceiving the essence of each posture in the vibrating fullness of the moment. EmbodiYoga™ fosters a direct experience of Unity that remains with us on and off the matt, changing the way we experience ourselves and life.

EmbodiYoga™ is at the forefront of a global dialogue advancing the evolution of yoga and is effecting a shift in consciousness through yoga. It arose out of Lisa Clark's personal journey to unravel, understand, and manifest yoga as a felt, lived experience.

Her approach merges enigmatic yoga with current up-to-date somatic experience, and an understanding of the body-mind continuum. This pathway of working with the body involves healing rifts within our personal and cultural awareness, to re-kindling kinesthetic empathy and restoring our own true nature.