Private Sessions

Yoga has unique therapeutic benefits.  Yoga postures sequenced properly with breath and attention can create desired effects for increased strength, balance, coordination, ease of movement, and peace of mind.

These effects are not only felt in the physical body but also the brain and body-mind receive the benefits.  Yoga sessions build new motor skills, cognitive ability, and increase connections between the body and brain, leading to a fully engaged, mind and body.

A Private Yoga Session is tailored to your individual needs and personal goals. Sessions are 60-70 minutes, in which you will be guided and assessed with personal one on one care and attention .

Types of Private Yoga Sessions:
Your Own Personal Yoga Practice

We will Create a yoga practice that is appropriate for your body, age, and lifestyle,
that will evolve over time, and address your personal  goals.
These sessions will focus on structural alignment and postural habits, yoga postures, breathing, meditation and focus.

Healing, Post- Surgery, Injury and Trauma
We will address habitual habits of using the body that create imbalance, resulting in strain on the joints and spine. These sessions focus on supporting balanced, healthy, and effective whole body postural tone, using yoga, breath, structural alignment and  movement  re- patterning.

Stress, Depression, and Illness
Balancing the  body mind with yoga deeply nurtures and restores the nervous system.
Tailored to your individual needs, these relaxing sessions use supported postures combined with breathing, in special sequences that quietly, deeply, regenerate and rebalance you.

Private Yoga Sessions are held at two locations in Pittsburgh
    •    The Lotus Pond
    •    The Pittsburgh Center For Complementary Health & Healing



The Lotus Pond
7141 Reynolds St. Pittsburgh, PA 15208
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The Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health & Healing
1124 South Braddock Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15208
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Yoga on the Square
1112 South Braddock Avenue, Suite 201 Pittsburgh, PA 15218
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