EmbodiYoga® Teacher Spotlight: Allie Greene

Why EmbodiYoga®?


I come from the world of Pilates, and am the owner of Equilibrium Pittsburgh Pilates & Yoga. Which I love, but a few years ago I started to feel like there was something missing for myself and my students. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I just knew that I didn’t feel like I owned my journey. My process and teaching seemed overly complicated with muscle groups and isolated fine- tuned cueing. My students were always looking to me instead of owning their movement experience. I began a journey of searching for that missing something.

I will never forget the first Embodiyoga® class I took with Lisa Clark in Pittsburgh PA. At one point, we did a simple side lying Tadasana with the feet against the wall. I felt my alignment, what needed attention, and also how I organized myself in the pose. I think I may have laughed out loud, I thought to myself “Could it really be this simple?“ I feel the bones of my feet aligned against the feedback of the wall, I allow my body to explore its rightful relationship to gravity and space. I breath. My mind quiets. There is no “Open your left shoulder, stack your hips, no a little more, no a little more.” There is only me listening and responding to my body in the present moment. I remember my body saying to me “I like this! I get this!” I was hooked.

I love the EmbodiYoga® perspective of the whole body participating, and feeling the relationships of organs, glands, fluids, bones with each other. My body sings with EmbodiYoga® because I have learned to listen to its wisdom rather than shoving it into a shape. My yoga practice follows what my body needs for the day rather than a prescribed set of asanas and actions.

The missing piece to my practice, and my students, was ownership. The right to fully own and love myself right where I am in that moment. It is about being present and responding fully to the moment, rather than always doing. EmbodiYoga® has taught me how to be a guide and a teacher. It has reacquainted me with the childlike joy of exploration. I have been deeply moved and metamorphisized by this work.

One of my favorite quotes from Lisa is “ Embodiyoga® is a radical political act. ”

To turn inwards and learn to trust my inner landscape. To turn away from the barrage of negative and false external messaging. To dare to step off the gerbil wheel of doing. To lay down on the earth and feel its support. To say, “I’m just going to be with myself for the next few moments or an hour”, in order to cultivate a more calm, balanced compassionate state.

Embodiyoga® manifests homeostasis. Imagine what the world would look like if more people could find within themselves their beautiful authentic self and trust it.

Allie Greene, EmbodiYoga® 500 hour Teacher, is the owner and Director of Equilibrium Pittsburgh Pilates & Yoga. She teaches weekly EmbodiYoga® classes at her studio, and will be offering the EmbodiYoga 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2020. She can be reached at Allie.p.greene@gmail.com

Lisa Clark