EmbodiYoga® Teacher Spotlight: Kate Flores

Why EmbodiYoga®?

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Why EmbodiYoga®?

Embodiment is a process, it is that infinitely incremental absorption, that slow realization of fractional shift, which has drawn me deeper and deeper into the study of EmbodiYoga® with Lisa Clark.  

Teaching yoga is my fourth career, I spent a decade and a half working in libraries and museums, running a fine print business, beginning to raise a family and shuffling between yoga teachers before I made the decision to take a leap into yoga as a full-time integrated way of life. How fortunate I was to have been practicing at the time with an experienced EmbodiYoga® teacher which led me to my first teacher training with EmbodiYoga® Founder Lisa Clark in 2008.  

EmbodiYoga® begins with the foundations of breath, movement, and alignment. Finding the alignment of the bones, leads to movement into the earth, our support. Once grounded we are freed to find greater mobility into space, allowing prana to flow freely without constriction, and ultimately realizing we are connected to everything.

We begin with physical movement, but EmbodiYoga® ultimately realigns us with our values, and thus our deepest desires. In practice, there will be illuminating moments, but most often the shifts are incredibly incremental and shift us over time. 

Two of my favorite of Lisa’s teachings are “ Our inner world reflects the outer world ” and “ The microcosm repeats the macrocosm ”.

As I work with my students, I feel both our mirrors clear the foggy haze, our eyes shine brighter, our thought is deeper, our words are truer. EmbodiYoga® teaches that relationships are found in everything. As we form the connections to our inner self we are able to be present more and more in daily life, and with each other in every moment. It is oh so easy, to fall back on the patterns which no longer serve us. They are familiar and comforting, and perhaps served a purpose once, but they are the props of life.  Lisa Clark is a visionary, reminding us that we are “ Always in movement , with the ability to learn new information & re-pattern ourselves”.  

The study of EmbodiYoga®, Lisa’s life expression, is a gift to each of us. A box within a box within a box, each concept so carefully wrapped and presented for you to explore. It takes strength to untie the bows and discard the wrappings, but the gift is the jewel of your soul inside. I am so thankful for this loving and gentle approach to yoga which accepts that we are all perfect works in progress returning to self, allowing each one of us the space to plumb and access our physical, mental and spiritual depths.

Over the years, I have returned to Lisa Clark’s guidance through many levels of training, diving deep into the layers of organ, endocrine, and nervous systems.  Still, as I now assist in my fifth 200 and 300 hour trainings, I make discoveries and adjustments, find again paths learned once, perhaps forgotten or for which I made other compensations.  It is indeed a life journey, but I cannot with greater heart recommend the path you will travel with the study of EmbodiYoga®. 

Kate Flores, EmbodiYoga® 500 hour teacher, has a private teaching practice serving Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. Her dharma is leading others to embodied practices which meet their specific needs, and growing these practices to meet the changes that life brings.  Additionally, she offers a weekly studio class at Triangle Yoga in Chapel Hill, and workshop intensives with the integrative counseling practice, Bull City Psychotherapy. Kate assists the EmbodiYoga® Teacher Training Programs with both Lisa Clark and Julee Snyder. She can be reached at khflores@yahoo.com.

Lisa Clark