EmbodiYoga® Teacher Spotlight: Becky Morrisey

Why EmbodiYoga®?


At first, yoga called to my physicality, my most accessible sensorium. With time, the
postures were collaborations, meditations, and deep relationship with gravity and levity.
Yoga became a practice with a prism-effect, each ray revealing layers, insights,
possibilities. Those rays were a path to a study of embodiment with a yoga context;
My first experience with EmbodiYoga® was a workshop with Lisa Clark called The Mysterious Life of the Belly: Yoga and the Organs, in 2004. I had an established, familiar relationship with my muscles, connective tissues, and bones, the container,within my yoga practice but the contents, the organs, had little presence for me despite a degree in comparative anatomy.

Lisa brought the organs' qualities of beauty, energy, and movement support alive for
me. She was the first person I had ever seen to look lovingly upon an anatomical model
of the organs as if they were a beautiful artistic treasure. The shapes, the layers, the
spaces; and then to bring those qualities into a yoga posture, like downdog, give me an
incredible lightness and completeness, extraordinary in my experience. I became more
embodied in my yoga practice with the presence of the contents as well as the

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. ~ From Tao Te Ching
This is how embodiment found me, a vessel made ready from all that come before. The
language of embodiment gave purpose and meaning to the sensations, collaborations,
relationships within the body I had experienced, gifting dimensional potential for infinite
revelations to come.

Why EmbodiYoga® ? For me, it is the natural evolution pathway of our communal and
personal relationship with yoga as a living movement practice. Building upon the
qualities of physical, functional, and therapeutic instruction, EmbodiYoga® weaves
"embodiment" into the existing yoga language continuum. “Spanda”, the instantaneous
moments of complete being, guide this practice of experiential, dimensional connection
with deepest self.

Thank you Lisa Clark for your vision, generosity, and continued guidance in this yoga
form of art, meditation, and yield into full being. Om Shanti.

Becky Morrisey, EmbodiYoga® 500 Hour Teacher, is Owner and Director of Sangha Yoga Studio, in Loveland Ohio. She is Program Director of the EmbodiYoga® 200 Hour Teacher Training offered in Cincinnati Ohio, and also Program Coordinator for the Cincinnati EmbodiYoga® 300 Hour Teacher Training with Lisa Clark. Becky can be reached at maitriyoga@roadrunner.com

Lisa Clark