EmbodiYoga® Teacher Spotlight: Mary Borton

Why EmbodiYoga®?


My first yoga teachers gave me an important foundation for understanding my own physicality. As I continued to study and eventually teach yoga, I became more interested in the language of the body. My ability to see deeply into others as a way to guide them through the process came naturally, yet I didn't always understand what I was "seeing." I was seeking to understand beyond the more concrete concepts and functional anatomy of muscles, bones and connective tissues. As I continued to inquire  into other modalities, I was drawn into the world of somatics-accessing and using the intelligence of the whole body to influence the body-mind relationship. I began to notice I could relate to my body-mind in new ways. As I continued to explore and teach from this awareness, I saw that my students were having a different experience too. Realizing this was the path to an accessible form of intelligence and consciousness of deeper layers of our being, I began looking for a teacher to study Somatics through the lens of yoga.

My first encounter with EmbodiYoga® was a workshop with EmbodiYoga® teacher Becky Morrissey in Cincinnati, Ohio. The language she was using was so intriguing I had to know more about where her teachings were founded. Through EmbodiYoga® I began to hear the "story" of my body- of all human beings. Using language and imagery that spoke to me, “bonding with earth," “co-creating," "relationships to gravity and levity", "integration" all influenced the experience. I had to know more! Becky pointed me in the direction of Lisa Clark and Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, and thereafter my course was set for the EmbodiYoga® 500 hour Teacher Training and what I knew would be a life-changing experience.

What I love most about EmbodiYoga® is how it gives order and meaning to the intelligence of the body-mind. The ability to access the consciousness of our body on all levels of existence. The physical and metaphysical, the neurological, embryological and cellular processes. The process of embodiment is continuous. At this place in my process, the personal transformation allows me to BE in the world from an established sense of self-to engage in the world from a place of trust, truth, and love.

As no system within the realm of the body or the universe relies solely on itself, neither does EmbodiYoga® separate itself from what one calls life and work. Once EmbodiYoga® becomes a part of your practice it guides you towards an embodied life incorporating all aspects in relationship to yourself, others, and community.

My favorite Lisa quote that holds the deepest meaning for me:
"Everything in the body is related and originates from the same source - and has always known itself." - Lisa Clark

Mary Borton, EmbodiYoga® 500 Hour Teacher, is Founder and Director of Yellow Tree Yoga, a small studio in Troy, Ohio. She also shares yoga and mindfulness programs in her community through public speaking, workplace, and educational settings. Mary is Program Director of the EmbodiYoga® 200 Hour Teacher Training at Yellow Tree Yoga. She can be reached at Mary@yellowtreeyoga.com.


Lisa Clark