EmbodiYoga® Teacher Spotlight: Mary Sinclair

Why EmbodiYoga®?

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I have had to learn every bit of movement intelligence that I now possess. My everyday posture has run the spectrum from collapse, to being forced and tense to appear straight. This made efficient movement very difficult and kept me on a chronic pain continuum. I sought out yoga to help stretch my tense, aching body. That was twenty-two years ago and the beginning of my BodyMind wake up call. Enthused by the improvements I was feeling, I began teaching what I was learning and never stopped.

While I felt some relief on the yoga mat, what I truly longed for was more practical guidance for the movements in my daily life like standing or bending over my massage table.

My quest has taken me from yoga classes to a very basic exploration of natural alignment principles and on to Pilates. All of these body arts have helped me. The past decade of my own practice and teaching has encompassed a concentrated focus on the skeletal system and the powerful ally that Gravity is in supporting my weight.

When I had my first EmbodiYoga® workshop with Lisa Clark in the Summer of 2016 I knew I needed more. She spoke in crystal clear language about my body and the earth, and the potent transformative relationship available through yielding and consciously resting into the earth. Lisa held the key to some of my long held questions and struggles with movement, and carried within her a wellspring of knowledge that I'd been craving for a long, long time.

The lingering mysteries of my own bodily queries and the difficulties I'd witnessed in my student’s movements were beginning to make sense. I’ve always joked with my students that our bodies don't come with a users manual. The EmbodiYoga® approach opens doorways to endless pathways and choices, and Lisa is a gracious tour guide of this terrain.

Through EmbodiYoga® I have come to inhabit much more of myself. I feel more body sovereignty than ever before. This experiential style of learning has brought a deeper sense of integration and vitality to my own practice and a transfusion of life force which has elevated my teaching to much greater depths of compassion, integrity and clarity.

I am elated to have found EmbodiYoga®. I believe it is a saving grace for yoga in the west, one that offers more choice, energy and kindness to the experience of being human.

The Lisa quotes that are closest to me are:
“ True stabilization comes from our relationship to the earth “. - Lisa Clark
“ Yoga graces us with the ability to listen to the music of life with reverence, awe,
and connectedness. From that you tend to your life.” - Lisa Clark

Mary Sinclair, EmbodiYoga® 300 Hour Teacher, lives and teaches in Columbus, Ohio. Her specialty is working with students 50 years old and above. She can be reached at mary@marysinclairbalance.com

Lisa Clark