EmbodiYoga® Teacher Spotlight: Timmiera Lawrence

Why EmbodiYoga®?


I have always been a mover and a shaker, involved in dance, gymnastics, and various other sports. I approached my first yoga class, 14 years ago, in the same manner as all of my other movement activities - full force.  I was looking for a way to exercise my body; a vigorous flow that gave me a workout. I loved it. After my second or third class, I began to notice subtle differences in my movement and my mind. This was the beginning of my yoga journey. I continued with this type of practice for years.

My first encounter with EmbodiYoga® was a class with EmbodiYoga® teacher Becky Morrissey in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was not what I considered “yoga” at the time and I only attended two classes. My mind wasn’t quite ready to slow down and let my body guide my movement journey.

In the summer of 2016, an opportunity spiraled back around in my direction. I attended an EmbodiYoga® workshop with Lisa Clark.  I will never forget her first words to the group of yogis eagerly awaiting this experience, “Welcome, I’ve enjoyed watching you all arrive here today. I have gathered some valuable information about you as you entered the room and set up for our time together.”  My mind raced and I questioned how one could learn anything about me just by watching me walk in a room and roll out my mat? I had much to learn.

The workshop was filled with fluid movement and inquiry. I was so taken with Lisa’s ability to guide me to the innermost depths of my experience, center to periphery and back again.  Her rich language, subtle tones, and ubiquitous love for this work created the perfect environment for me to absorb all that was offered. It was the first time, I could recall, where I presently participated in my own movement.  I left that weekend feeling so integrated and alive. I knew I needed this work and was finally ready.

For me, EmbodiYoga® is like a succulent. It nourishes and replenishes from the inside out, cultivating juicy, ripe, filled-to-overflowing experiences. It fosters body awareness and curiosity. It is the container I need to feel safe, while slowing down my body and mind, exploring my relationship to movement and self, and granting permission to fully embody my experience. I believe this spiral of embodiment will continue to ripple out into the world, expanding and condensing, helping me co-create a wave of integration and relationship with everyone I encounter. I am overjoyed to have found, and now be a part of, such a supportive and compassionate community.

My favorite Lisa quotes that hold the deepest meaning for me:

“Yoga is a living, moving art.”

“Sensation is the language of the body.”

“The deepest healing takes place in the slowest time.”

Timmiera Lawrence, EmbodiYoga® 500 Hour Teacher, teaches class at Sangha Yoga in Loveland, Ohio. She is also an elementary school teacher who shares yoga and mindfulness with the students and staff in her community. She can be reached at tdl.serendipity@yahoo.com


Lisa Clark