EmbodiYoga® Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Jackson

Why EmbodiYoga®?


EmbodiYoga® significantly deepened my understanding of myself. Since I was a small child I had experienced panic attacks, my ‘breathing problem’ was labeled as anxiety that needed therapy and medication. It wasn't until college I began to look at the philosophy of yoga to help frame my understanding of the mind and body.

I found Lisa Clark’s 200 Hour Embodiyoga® Teacher Training in 2013 when my husband was getting out of the army and I wanted to peruse a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. It took me most of the 200hr training for my body to accept what Lisa would refer to as ‘yielding’, to actively meet the earth and allow it to support my body. After months of Lisa’s gentle guidance I began to experience myself in new ways. I settled into my practice with a fuller expression of the asanas and movement. The dynamic variations offered through EmbodiYoga® allowed me to establish connections between different body parts, and different body systems. Spirals could begin at one end of the body, move through my organs and continue through my limbs to bond with space. The developmental movement and sequencing further enhanced my integration through the different asana family’s from supine to contralateral.

I knew I was not finished learning so when it came time for the 300hr training I remember asking Lisa if it was okay if I were pregnant, and her response was “of course it’s okay, it would be great for both you and the other students.” I am forever grateful for the experience to be in the room with a growing baby as we discussed embryology while exploring asanas with a growing belly. After giving birth, I notice unfamiliar and familiar feelings arising, tightness returning to my body, habits of anxiety. I was able to not only yield into the support of my family but I also knew to reach out for help when I needed it. My internal landscape felt confused but as I began to reconnect somaticly through touch, visualization, movement, embodiment, I began to inhabit the parts of me that felt disconnected.

EmbodiYoga® for me is a constant learning, relearning, patterning, repatterining to bring balance and awareness to all the parts of myself. Teaching allows me to offer space for others to begin their own personal exploration into the dynamics of their minds and body’s.

My family and I will forever benefit from Lisa’s personal embodiment and EmbodiYoga® teachings. I look forward to continue learning from Lisa, my EmbodiYoga® community, and sharing my experience with those willing to explore their own process.

“Yoga brings you home to your self” - LIsa Clark

“Knowing how to bond with the earth is an essential first step in any yoga practice” - Lisa Clark

Sarah Jackson, EmbodiYoga® 500 Hour Yoga Teacher,  lives and teaches in Pittsburgh, PA. She teaches classes for cancer patients at a local hospital, as well at several yoga studios in the South Hills. She can be reached at sarahelizajackson@gmail.com for more information.

Lisa Clark