FOUNDATIONS IN EMBODIED ANATOMY : Process: Cells, Breath & Embryology

The New Body-Mind Centering® & YOGA IMMERSION SERIES


2 Weekends: January 5-7, 2018 & April 20-22, 2018

Life begins as movement. From our first moments as two cells, through the whole process of our embryological development and into our adult lives, our cells are breathing and communicating and adapting and responding to each other and their environment. This cellular activity underlies all our processes of living and is the baseline of our existence. When we explore remembering our embryological origins and embodying cellular respiration, we open up new pathways for awareness and shifts in consciousness.

Please join Lisa Clark & Amy Matthews at The Dallas Yoga Center for the New BMC & Yoga Immersion series.

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Dallas Yoga Center
4525 Lemmon Ave | Suite 305
Dallas, TX   75219
(214) 443-9642

Lisa Clark