Cellular Breathing In The Practice of Yoga

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Cellular breathing is one of the first breathing patterns we establish in utero. This internal pathway of respiration lays the foundation for our external respiration or lung breathing.

Pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath, and the myriad pathways that prana or life force moves through us. As we inhale and exhale prana is absorbed into our blood stream and eventually into our cellular matrix. Cellular breathing creates a physiological, rhythmic, condensing and expanding wave like motion through the body that guides our external breathing thru the lungs.

This vibratory internal breath is everywhere, in every tissue. When we breath from a specific place in the body, it is a reality, breathing is taking place in our cells all of the time. Allowing your practice to embrace this brings us into the present potential of every breath.

Cellular respiration forms the baseline of our breathing and existence. When we focus on the internal fluid movement of our cellular respiration, it allows for a deep internal connection to self and a whole body perspective in the practice of yoga.

EmbodiYoga® explores the early breathing and movement patterns developed in utero. For an all inclusive, updated somatic understanding of the underlying support they offer in our yoga and how we ultimately experience ourselves and the world around us.

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