Bonding with the Earth In Yoga


Our first podcast series is entitled Bonding with The Earth in Yoga.  We have created several classes that you can practice and enjoy on their own. I suggest using these every day to settle into your self, your yoga practice and to build upon.

Originally I designed this series for my EmbodiYoga students to practice at home and continue to increase their embodied knowledge. The series is an exploration of ways to experience and utilize the ground underneath us in yoga. This primary foundational relationship between our bodies and the earth can be found in every asana, breath and moment of our lives.

In this practice we begin simply, alternately lying on the back, sides, and front of the body, making sure each side is allowed ample time to settle and arrive. As we move through the four sides of the body, we practice consciously arriving in all cells and tissues. The places with in us that are collapsed and tired are given time to regenerate, and to experience the earth as a source of support. The places with in us that are compensating and hold away from the earth, are reminded of the generous support of and the fundamental relationship between the earth and our bodies. Over time this awareness creates a three dimensional readiness to respond in our body in the practice of yoga.

As we arrive into each asana — supine, side-lying, prone — notice which parts of the body are in contact with the earth, the places where the body moves into and out of the earth. Feel how the earth supports your body and how much you allow your body to rest into this support. Yielding is the ability of resting into contact. We physically rest our weight into what we are in contact with. It brings us into relationship with our environment so we can feel it and interact with it. This quality is the baseline of the EmbodiYoga® practice.

The underside of the asana touching the ground is the supporting side. As gravity naturally draws the tissues towards the earth, our weight travels into the earth condensing these tissues on the supporting side of the asana. This creates a readiness to respond or tone in the underside of the body. As anti-gravity moves from the earth upwards through the tissues of our body it creates a lightness in the cells of the body, moving us away from the earth.

As you practice the arriving sequence you are shifting into body time. Give yourself plenty of time to slow down and rest into each of these relationships with the earth. We are remembering and generating a healthy relationship between the body and the earth, where all parts of ourselves are allowed time to become present.

Copyright © EmbodiYoga® Lisa Clark, May 2017

Lisa Clark