Body Mind Centering™ : Contents & Relationships, 2019 International Somatic Movement Education Symposium, Taiwan


DATES: April 18-22, 2019

This workshop explores how our experience changes when we shift our attention to the contents of the body. Organs, fascia and other types of connective tissue all are part of our internal environment. They have an important role in supporting three-dimensional movement and posture, providing fullness and buoyancy from with in, and give us new experiences of volume, fluidity, and connectivity. When embodied, they illuminate internal relationships and pathways from inner to outer expression, and create new opportunities to re-experience ourselves in familiar forms and structures.

In this workshop you will learn to sense and explore movement through the organs and ways to integrate the organs with the musculoskeletal structure. You will be introduced to:

• Techniques to facilitate access to and balance in the organs.

• Exploring pathways of alignment and sequencing through the organs and connective tissue.

• Integration and support of the organs, connective tissue and the skeleton to effect postural efficacy vital to eliminating strain and tension.

• Initiating breath and movement from the organs.

• Analyzing imbalances in individual organs and the system as a whole.

For More information on the Symposium: Ms. Yi-Hsuan Wu +886-89-239259 / +886-921-696-948 or Mrs. Mei-Chu Liu +886-912-998-431


Somatic Education Society of Taiwan
Taitung City, Taiwan
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