The Mandala of the Body : The Body Systems In The Practice of Yoga, Equilibrium Pittsburgh Pilates & Yoga


DATES: May 18-19, 2019

This workshop will explore the different body systems and their role in supporting three-dimensional movement and posture, allowing us new experiences of st rength, balance, volume, and connectivity. When we shift our attention from skeletal muscular movement to other systems of the body, our practice changes. Illuminating new internal relationships and pathways from inner to outer expression, and fresh opport unities to re-experience ourselves in the fullness of the moment.

This workshop will be based on somatic inquiry and embodied yogic practices that encourage you to grow your kinesthetic awareness of multiple body systems, and give you a fresh perspective on yoga, breath and alignment. You will learn to sense and experience the body as a mandala of interrelated relationships and ways to integrate this information into your practice, teaching and life.

Recommended for anyone interested in body-mind approaches to yoga, movement, mindfulness, as well as somatic moment education.

* CEUS available for Yoga Teachers

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