Infant Developmental Movement for Somatic Practioners, Grateful Yoga, Evanston Illinois

DATES: July 28, 2019

The first year of life is crucial in the development of a child, and the adult the child will eventually become.  During this time, an infant is forming the patterns of movement, perception, and organization of information on which it will build its relationships to itself, others and the world.  Facilitating development during this time can greatly enhance a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual abilities.

This workshop will explore essential principles of a baby’s movement and perceptual development, with special focus on topics particular to newborns through 7 months of age.  The workshop will integrate two aspects of learning:

  • Time with Babies and Their Caregivers: While Lisa leads a workshop for babies and parents, practitioners have a chance to observe and appreciates the developmental process of each child.

  • Experiential Learning with Lisa: Workshop participants will explore specific development ages and skills in their own body. Using an embodied approach to learning, we will experience first hand ways to support and facilitate the developmental process.

Newborns - 3 Months 
12:30-1:15    Babies and Caregivers, Observation & Facilitation
1:30-2:45      Exploration of  Developmental Skills & Process

4- 7.5 Months
4:15-5:00      Babies and Caregivers, Observation & Facilitation
5:15-6:30      Exploration of  Developmental Skills & Process

“The greatest gifts we can give a child are a sense of physical and emotional well-being, a sense of comfort and bonding, the joy of being, curiosity, confidence, the ability to relate to others, and organizational and problem-solving skills” - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Infant Developmental Movement Education is based on principles of Body-Mind Centering®. Valuing process over milestones and respecting each child’s timing as their whole self develops

For information and registration please contact Nick Beam at Grateful Yoga or, or call 847-849-1810


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