“Through EmbodiYoga® I have come to inhabit much more of myself. This experiential style of learning has brought a deeper sense of integration and vitality to my own practice and a transfusion of life force which has elevated my teaching to much greater depths of compassion, integrity and clarity.”

- Mary Sinclair, Yoga Teacher Columbus OH

“The rich material explored touches so deeply into my being that I am forever changed by it. My yoga practice is now a place of inquiry, spontaneity, creativity, and curiosity. I feel freed from the constraints of traditional one size fits all alignment cues and action oriented instructions that leave me feeling depleted

- Carla Rudiger, Yoga Teacher Dallas TX

EmbodiYoga® has taught me how to be a guide and a teacher. It has reacquainted me with the childlike joy of exploration. I have been deeply moved and metamorphisized by this work.”

- Allie Greene, Yoga Teacher Pittsburgh PA

“This work has given me a huge invitation to take back my body, and a new sense of allowing at a very deep level. It has opened a doorway for me to understand how to trust my sensing self and ways of applying this to my teaching and personal practice.”

- Paula Weithman, Yoga Teacher Dallas TX

For me, EmbodiYoga® is like a succulent. It nourishes and replenishes from the inside out, cultivating juicy, ripe, filled-to-overflowing experiences. It fosters body awareness and curiosity, while slowing down my body and mind, exploring my relationship to movement and self, and granting permission to fully embody my experience.

- Timmiera Lawrence, Yoga Teacher Loveland Ohio


“I am so thankful for this loving and gentle approach to yoga which accepts that we are all perfect works in progress returning to self, allowing each one of us the space to plumb and access our physical, mental and spiritual depths. “

- Kate Flores, Yoga Teacher Chapel Hill NC

“As a teacher, I now have a more complex and dynamic set of tools to teach from. In my students I’m looking at bodies differently, creating material that’s more playful and spontaneous and less orderly and choreographed, allowing students to find their own vocabulary of movement and intelligence. “

- Carla Rudiger, Yoga Teacher Dallas TX

“Lisa Clarks’s command of visual imagery, metaphor and embodiment offers a rich narrative thread that reveals new realms of internal landscapes. A master at guiding students to new internal vistas from which to experience themselves, the world, and the deep lineage of yoga.”

- Matthew Kline, Dallas TX